Boston National Historical Park



Boston National Historical Park – Charlestown Navy Yard

Boston’s link to the sea has always been an integral part of her heritage, economy and culture. It is through the port of Boston that goods and ideas have flowed for centuries. It is the same port that has been defended so fiercely and has inspired so many to stand up for their rights and liberties.

Most of the sites in our park are located on the Freedom Trail. Through time, national patriotism and search for American identity have turned sites such as Old North Church, USS Constitution and Bunker Hill Monument into icons.

It is the power of place, when one stands upon these grounds, that makes us realize the importance of these history-making events. It is humbling to stand in the room where Frederick Douglass spoke, or on the soil where over 5,000 men fought in the bloodiest battle of the American Revolution. You, too, can visit the place where George Washington and his army witnessed its first victory. These historical icons inspire not only Americans, but people around the world, as their themes resonate for all of humanity.

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