Ehab Almudhalaa


Ehab Almudhalaa, Second Year School Year Program

Where do you live?
I live in East Harlem,  New York City.

Where do you live?
I am from East Harlem, New York City.

Where do you attend school?
I attend Stephen T. Mather High School. I am currently a senior.

What are your hobbies and/or interests?
My hobbies are flying drones and hanging out with my friends.
My interests are architecture and forensic science.

How long have you been involved with Branching Out?
This will be my second year participating in the Branching Out Program.

Why did you choose to participate in Branching Out?
I chose to participate this year In Branching out because I want to meet new people and to strengthen my landscape skills and stewardship. Also I had fun the previous year.

What are your career and/or educational goals?
My career goals are to be a detective or an architect.

What types of opportunities do you hope Branching Out will provide you with?
I hope that branching will help me open new doors in the landscape field. In addition I hope that the BOP will help me become a great worker someday.