Sherika Glasgow

Sherika Glasgow, Field Team Member

Where are you from?
I am from Brooklyn, New York but I am currently living in “Brooklyn Queens” New York.

What school do you attend?
I am a rising junior (11th grade) who attends Stephan T. Mather High School.

What are your hobbies and interests?
My hobbies and interests include reading, cooking, eating, hanging out and playing games with my closest friend as well as landscape architecture.

How long have you been involved with Branching Out?
I have been involved in Branching Out sine its first official NYC field team in summer 2016. I have also been a school year ambassador.

Why did you choose to participate in Branching Out?
My interests in landscape and building architecture and determination to grow in both of those fields are what pushed me to choose Branching Out after learning about this program at an information center.

What are your career or educational goals?
I plan to graduate college with a master’s degree in architecture and a bachelor’s degree in design and business management.

What are you looking forward to during the Branching Out program this summer?
I look forward to the travel project the most because that will be a time the Boston team and New York team plus interns get together to work. All members will be completing a project together.

What types of opportunities will Branching Out provide you with?
I hope Branching Out will continue to provide me with more work opportunities and even more knowledge to grow and be able to use elsewhere.