Ponkapoag or Punkapaug is the Native American “praying town” settled in the western Blue Hills area of Eastern Massachusetts during the colonization by settled Britain in the 17th century. Ponkapoag was established in 1657 as a 6,000 acre town parcel formed from Dorchester, Massachusetts Bay Colony. It was the second Christianized native settlement in Massachusetts. Next to the town was a nearby pond 1 mile south of Great Blue Hill. Adding onto the meaning of Ponkapoag, it means “shallow pond” or “a spring that bubbles from red soil”.

As of today it has turned into a campsite where everybody is welcome to come and camp for fun, but it also partnered up with the Appalachians Mountain Club. It is located in Randolph, Massachusetts. We, the Branching Out Program student ambassador and with our supervisor, we met up with Stephanie who worked with the Appalachians Mountain Club and she gave us some more information about the site and what kind of work she does in the campsite. She cooked us a lot of bomb meals which all of our team loved so much. So what we basically did was after we arrived at the site where Stephanie was and how she gave us a little introduction to the site, she gave us a map on what trail to take. We decided to go with the easiest path and that lead us to see the AMAZING view of the Ponkapoag Pond.

Stephanie from AMC sharing information about Ponkapoag with our group

After setting off to our destination, we did a little activity which gave us more insight of the trails and how it looked during the fall. The first one was using nature sources, where we had to create our own perfume and share it out amongst ourselves, basically like promoting it. The second was when we have arrived at the pond and this activity was basically listening to the sounds around you. We listed some of the sounds we heard such as, wind rustling against the trees or leaves, the sound of the wind, traffic noises, and the sound of an airplane flying above us. We wanted to hear the sound of the water hitting against the shore, but that didn’t happen. It was a little disappointing. The third activity we did when we walked back was the individual walk, where each one of us would walk first then until you can’t see them anymore, you would then walk.

Laxmi’s Nature Perfume

Sabrina sharing her nature perfume pitch “Wilderness”

Hiking to get a view of the pond

It got pretty dark quickly so I got a little scared. Some of the highlights that our team loved was obviously the food, but it was also the trails and the view of the pond. It was close to sunset and there was an orange and reddish color that was so BEAUTIFUL. There was no challenges that we all agreed on, but for me I would say that it was cold that day and I was freezing especially at night after we came back from the hike. Other than that, it was perfect and fun at the same time.



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