Greetings everyone,

During our second week of the program, we had the opportunity to go to Medicine Wheel/No Man’s Land which is connected to Dorchester Heights.

We met Michael, Susan, and Richie, and other youth who came to help to work at this location. We did a project that included removing trees and thinning dead branches to allow sunlight to reach the trees. To do this project we separated into groups and used blue and orange tape to identify the trees that needed our assistance. Blue tapes meant the head branches would be removed and orange tapes meant the whole tree would be removed to allow sunlight for other plants to grow.  The tools that were used to complete this project included folding saws, safety glasses, gloves, and pole saws to cut dead branches. Others who came out to help with this project learned a new technique on how to cut down trees. Tri-cut was the skill that was shown to people to do the project efficiently. Tri-cut involves doing a under-cut about quarter inch into the branches or tree trunks, then doing a upper cut, which involves cutting the branch all the way through to remove it. Then the last cut is the clean cut which removes the tree fully and the trunk of the tree/branches is clean cut.

Madeline (Intern at Medicine Wheel) and Sabrina (Branching Out) helping each other move a fallen tree.

John (Medicine Wheel Alumni) learning how to use the pole saw to remove dead branches from a tree.

It was rewarding, when we cut down all the branches and trees that needed cutting. Some of the challenges of the project was cutting down thick roots and branches and using the pole saws that needed our arm power. Our highlights included removing trees, seeing cute dogs, and working with others who came to help accomplish this task.

Our small, but mighty crew!

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