Vista Clearing on Peddocks Island


July 30 through August 2nd, Branching Out Boston Field Team worked to establish a continuous vista along a new yurt camping site on Peddocks Island. Work involved  raising the canopy of mature trees and clearing the understory of volunteer trees and invasive species.

Park History: The island was first occupied by Native Americans, and then it became a farming area.  Peddocks was once a village and there were 23 buildings on the island, including hospital, fire department, etc.  The army was on island during WW1 and WW2.  Social facilities told fishermen to leave and they floated their houses to other islands.  Today, Peddocks is one of the largest islands in the Boston harbor and has the most biodiversity. -Nazia and Charltin

Project Overview: We split the team between honeysuckle, knotweed, and arborwork.  Tools used included handsaw, pruners, loppers, PPE, helmet, silky saw, harness, rope, among others.  Techniques for climbing included planting feet on the tree, keeping arms out and using a taut-line hitch knot.  While raising the canopy during climbing, we used the tri-cut method, cutting as close to the collar as possible.  -Jairam and Emani

Project Outcome: By opening the canopy (of 5 mature trees), more sunlight and air come through and makes the park better for visitors.  We preserved the landscape by clearing the area of invasive species, approximately 22,000 square feet.  -Angela

Professional Development: Workshops this week included social justice and historic preservation, mindfulness and goal-setting.  During social justice and historic preservation, we talked about parks telling stories and how to improve it.  In Mindfulness, we watched our thoughts and noticed if they were in the past, present or future.  In goal-setting, we listened to individual goals and created a web, and talked about how letting go of the web means we loose track of ourselves and it’s on the team as a whole. -Jeffrey

Technical Expert: Our first day, we met with Deni from the DCR and she went over the goals and outcomes she was hoping for us to complete on this project.  Our second day we met Jeff and Stephen from Hartney Greymont and they went over the special knotes to tie, where to put your feet in the trees.  They went over various safety tips with us and they also went over how to belay and taught us about when not to pull the rope. -Carlos

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Go Charltin!

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