Virtual Tour of a field day on Boston Harbor Islands


The day begins at a dock. The one in the picture is the courthouse dock, and you can see Rowes Warf across the harbor. All supplies are loaded onto the boat followed by people.


The boat departs towards the islands. It usually takes about an hour to get to our destination.


Once we arrive at the island we are working on that day, we unload the boat and bring the tools and supplies needed to the work site. Island in picture: Lovells. This island was seasonally occupied by Native Americans. There are many fortifications and buildings on this island due to military use in 1825 and garrisoned during the Civil War, WWI, and WWII.


On some days, we go out with youth programs (ex. Green Ambassadors) and work on projects with them. We work on trail maintenance by clearing vegetation that has begun to make its way onto the path. Island in picture: Grape. This island has 10 campsites and can host up to 65 campers. It is located close to Hingham, and we can sometimes see deer and other wildlife that has swam over from the mainland.


Standing on the dock of an island, you can often see the many neighboring islands as well as Boston in the background.


After a long day of hard work, we load back onto the boat and head home


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