“Hay” There!

Adams National Historical Park

Hay there!

While working at Adams National Historical Park the field team worked on hay removal from a 2 acre apple orchard and eventually cause the hay to create a hay pole that is historically correct. The Adams site is the summer home of John Quincy Adams who was the sixth President of the United States. The Adams family came to this home with the intention of growing crops and tending to their garden. The family became so involved in politics that these dreams were pushed off until the actual retirement of John Quincy Adams from his presidency.

Some highlights of the project were getting to use the sickle bar mower to cut the hay. It was also fun working as a team to figure out ways to collect and remove the cut hay from the field. One way we did this was by attaching a tarp to the back of a golf cart and raking the hay onto the tarp. This helped us be more efficient and get the task done faster!

For professional development this week we focused on mindfulness and communication. These practices help us be mindful of our feelings that go through our body. This is important especially when you’re working outside and you are working in the heat doing manual work.

One thing that made this week really special was getting to see a former Branching Out alumni participant, who now works at Adams National Historical Park, be recognized for 5 years of service with the National Park Service. Joe started out on the field team and eventually became a field team leader.



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