Saugus Iron Works Trail Maintenance

Boston Branching Out Field Team kicked off their project work this summer at Saugus Iron Works completing trail work!


Park History: Saugus Iron Works is the site of the first successful plant for the integrated production of cast and wrought iron in the new world.  John Winthrop Jr. was hired and failed with the iron works in Braintree.  Richard Leader replaced John and chose Saugus River site for its water power, transportation, woodlands, and raw materials such as iron, charcoal and flux.  -Angela Gautam and Emani Gonzalez

Project Overview:  In 3 different groups, we used gravel rakes, shovels, wheel barrows, cart, weed-wackers, flags and woodchips to spread woodchips on the trail and prune the area around the trail. -Carlos Rosario and Abdias Stleger

Project Outcome: Our trail maintenance encourages more visitors to get involved, provides better access to the pathways and makes the trail stand out.  We completed the whole trail, 861 feet of trail.  -Nazia Tabassum and Paxton Kraus

Professional Development: We started with historic preservation, bringing in an object and guessing/explaining the significance [to learn about cultural resources].  We learned about different tools being used on site.  During our public speaking workshop, we took two words and tried to place them in a presentation without making it noticeable.  Finally in Mindfulness, we were able to take a second/minute, take breaths and relax.  -Jeffrey Benoit and Charltin Dowell

Technical Expert: Mike and Jeremy gave us an introduction to the site and project.  Dave gave us the site overview, work outline, and acted as trail leader.  Paul gave us a tour and historic overview.  Shawn gave us a weed-wacking lesson and supplied equipment.  -Jairam Rao

Without park staff, we would not have been able to complete this work, thank you!!!


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