Parks for the People! – Lovells Island

“It is one great purpose of the Park to supply to the hundreds of thousands of tired workers, who have no opportunity to spend their summers in the country, a specimen of God’s handiwork that shall be to them, inexpensively, what a month or two in the White Mountains or the Adirondacks is, a great cost, to those in easier circumstances” – Fredrick Law Olmsted

As I stepped onto the sandy dock at Lovells Island, one of the many Boston Harbor Islands located approximately 7 miles from the city, I noticed the many Terns flying above me. Their small white bodies took up the space above me, gliding with the breeze through the sky.

Image result for lovells island boston terns

On this particular day, we were on Lovells to apply herbicide treatment to an invasive plant called swallow wart. As we made our way to the work site, I was overtaken by the beauty of this island. On the side opposite from the dock, you can find a sandy beach with lively green vegetation growing around it. As you look out, there’s an endless view of the ocean accompanied with some other islands.

I think this is one of my favorite islands I have visited this summer. While I was there, I felt completely removed from the city without having to have traveled too far. I feel that this is important for the community because it provides people with a quiet and relaxing space to get away from the busyness of Boston.


I would highly recommend going if you have the time!

To get there you would need to take a ferry to Hingham and then get on another one from there to take you to Lovells.

Boston -> Hingham ferry times:

Hingham -> Lovells ferry times:



2 responses to “Parks for the People! – Lovells Island

  1. Catherine, I love the quote from FLO! I have not been to Lovells Island but your description and the images have convinced me I need to visit. Glad to see that you are enjoying your internship with BOHA.


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