Introducing Catherine


I’m Catherine and I am a Branching Out Intern this summer with the Natural Resources team at the Boston Harbor Islands. I grew up in Boston and have recently finished my first year at the University of Vermont. My major is currently Wildlife and Fisheries Biology, which I am planning to have a stronger focus on Wildlife Bio. An interesting course I had taken this year was my nature and culture class, where we discussed how the environment affects race and culture in both positive and negative ways. It influenced me to want to strive for truly intersectional environmentalism as I find my way towards a career. In the past, I have worked on a youth trial maintenance crew in the White Mountains, NH and was also a Branching Out field team member last summer. I have realized that spending many days/hours with a particular plant is a good way to get to know it! Having almost completed 3 weeks of my internship, I have learned to identify many new plant species. I am hoping to avoid getting Lyme disease this summer so I need to spray my clothes with permetherin asap 😀



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