Cut Flower Gardens and Making Floral Arrangements

In February, the Boston school year ambassadors, participated in a Floral Arrangement workshop with New York City team. We connected through Google Hangout and live video stream, it was nice to finally meet the other team even if it was virtually! Our goal of this project is to make a bouquet. Bouquet is put the different flowers with different color together. Before we began making our bouquets, Adrienne (School Year Program Coordinator Boston), introduced us to cut flower gardens that are located at different Northeast Region National Parks. Some of the parks we talked about was Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site, Marsh Billings – Rockafeller National Historical Park and Longfellow’s House – Washington’s Headquarters National Historic Site.

Next, Uriah (School Year Program Coordinator NYC) then taught us all how to make bouquets, here’s a clip of some of the professional tips and tricks she shared with us to make our bouquets!


It was interesting to learn about these parks and the purpose cut flower gardens had to the people and families that lived there during the historic period. Today, park visitors can sometimes see bouquets that are made from flowers cut from those gardens on display either at the visitor centers or in other common areas of the park. It’s a nice way to continue a tradition and purpose of what these gardens were created for.

A photo from 2015 where the Branching Out team is working in the garden with park horticulturalist Anna de Cordova, we also made bouquets!


We use the tools, pruners, to the bottom part of the flowers, and we also wear the gloves and safety glasses because we want to be safe. One technique is that when you cut the rose, you need to put it under the water. Rose can absorb the water and you can keep the rose longer. When we do the bouquets, we want to it look beautiful, so we put the beautiful flower, rose, at the middle. Other flowers like fern, we put aside.

Connor using pruners to remove some of the leaves and thorns from the roses

Here are the bouquets that we did. We had the flowers: Rose, Carnation, Fern and Aster. First, we put the rose because it is the most beautiful flower out of these flowers. Then the next flower that we put is carnation and we want to show the rose evidently, so we put carnation a little bit down next to the rose in which shows the rose is prominent. In addition, Aster has many small piece flowers. We want to the bouquet to be colorful and put the Asters higher than the rose to show that the color red rose which is evident that we can look through other flowers. Finally, we put the ferns aside to complete the bouquet. If you put the bouquet next to the wall, then it should face to the wall with the side of most ferns, the bouquet will look more beautiful.

Jeremiah inspecting the stems of his flowers to make sure they are all at the same height

One highlight is that we learned how to make a bouquet and the technique when cut the rose. Also the flowers can our feeling to be better. We learned to keep the flowers survive. We don’t really have challenge. We just want put the flowers together and try to make it nicer.

Our finished bouquets!

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  1. Beautiful arrangements. What a great thing to be learning about while the snow keeps coming down. Hope you were able to make some friends happy with these bouquets!

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