Stewardship Saturday at World’s End

On Saturday, February 3 our team traveled to Worlds End which is Trustees of Reservations property to participate in the Stewardship Saturday Program,. Stewardship saturday is a volunteer program offered by Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area and the Natural Resources team work on a scheduled projects that address removing invasive species to restore ecosystems. I had never been to this park location before and had only heard people talk about it. . Once we arrived at world’s end we were greeted by Andrew Petit De Mange the Biological Science Technician, we’ve worked with Andrew a lot before on other projects. After we headed to our worksite to formally introduce everyone, and talk about why are we doing this and what the project is. For this event our School Year Ambassador team had taken on leader roles during the Stewardship Saturday event to help the staff run the program and practice our volunteer/group management skills. Song was the greeter and signed everyone in, Me and Joel were in charge of the tools and managing them, Connor was in charge of the plant talk and explaining what we may encounter and background information of it. This was great and fun a way for us to build our leadership skills, responsibility load, and public speaking with a group of people. Turn up your speakers to hear me present my tool safety talk!!

Using the rock bar to move large stones

Joel and Song piling brush and then loading into the truck

Part of the trail being cleared

Andrew and volunteer Ray using the rock bar to move a large stone

A nice new trail for park visitors

Once we got up to the worksite which was located near the Boston Harbor, we circled around and Andrew explained the project for the day. Our project was trail maintenance clearing the trail of vines, branches, shrubs and rocks under the trail. We used normal tools like pruners, loppers, rake, long saw, and 2 new tools I didn’t get a chance to use: the weed wrench and rock bar. Some used the pruners to cut the branches and thorns, raking the leaves aside also. One grouped used the weed wrench to remove big stumps, and lifted rocks with the rockbar. I was part of the crew that took all the woody branches, vines, and thorny vines onto the truck so that Jeffery one the Trustee workers would bring it to the farm near the worksite. We covered about 100 yards of trail, this project had purpose to improve the visitor experience and connect the other trails to make a big new one. After the stone wall collapsed this was a helpful way to restore the wall for the future. I think it was very successful and helpful for us to do take on those roles as school year ambassadors. My personal favorite was talking to Jefferey about what i’m doing now, my hobbies, interests and future plans after high school.  -Jeremiah

Stewardship Saturday group


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