Grape Island

The park we worked at was Grape Island which is one of the many Boston Harbor Islands. Boston Harbor Island is comprised of 34 islands. We took a boat with the park staff and volunteers in Live Blue Ambassador from aquarium and other volunteers to work on the island. Grape Island is very big, woody, quiet and a beautiful place to visit. This is our first time come to the island so we were very excited! The history of island was that it cultivated by Native Americans before the Europeans colonized it because the Native Americans already there before Europeans came and the island is natural that had trees and the beach. It also was also the site of skirmish during the war of independence, known as the “Battle of Grape Island” or “Grape Island Alarm”. Stewardship Saturday is a weekly volunteer program offered by National Park Service Boston Harbor Islands to help restore native plants within ecosystems. The goal of this project for our ambassador team was to participate in a Stewardship Saturday program and see how everything is put together. Participating in this field project with Stewardship Saturday was also important because our team was observing how the volunteer group is run by the National Park staff. This way when it’s our time to lead the program we have prior knowledge of what to do. Before we lead it, we need to prepare for what we need to do and feel confident in leading the day!

For this project day we worked with a few volunteers who participate in the program regularly, also Park staff Andrew Petit de Mange, Rachel Vincent and Bill Fuchs. We worked together to help cut up plants that were in the way of other plants from growing, also we helped seed collection and created mud balls that were filled with seeds from different plants around the island. We throw toward the plants with mud and grass so that the bare or empty areas could grow. We have fun doing the activities. We use the tools, hand saw and loppers and hand pruners, to cutting the plants. For the Branching Out Ambassador, we need it to be show how to use the tools correctly and make sure we are safely. The highlight of this project is that we learn how to cut the plant and use the tools correctly. We don’t have the really challenge and because of the weather is cold, our hand can not work conveniently, and we used hand warmers to keep our hands warm.

For our future event, we hope that we will have fun to doing and that we can improve our technical skills, but also our leadership and public speaking skills.

Ambassador Jeremiah collecting seeds from cat tails on Grape Island.



Seed Collection Bags and Mud Balls

Cat tails after they have been collected, look closely to see the seeds!


4 responses to “Grape Island

  1. The time working with Branching Out was one of the highlights of the summer for me because of the competency, enthusiasm and joy the group brought to the work and the learning opportunities during the projects.
    Watching you and your partners cutting through giant honeysuckle with hand saws is one of my enduring memories of my time on the islands.
    The write up does a really good job of describing the work and conveying the enthusiasm.
    Thanks for all you brought to the work and for the write up.


  2. Thank you School Year Ambassador for your work at Grape Island. I hadn’t heard of the “mud ball” technique for revegetation before. That is very interesting! I hope you enjoy the rest of the project.


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