Graft is two plants combine together. We can graft from the fruit trees. After a time period, it will have different fruit in one tree. Our goal is to graft. There have four methods to graft. There are whip graft, cleft graft, bark graft and side graft. We only use one method, side graft. Side graft is cut scion to form a short, smooth edge,and make a slanting cut into the stock from the tree and then put the scion into the stock that match each other.  Scion is a piece of detached twig or shoot. Stock is the plant with the root that insert the scion. Some of the reason may fail graft because of the scion is upside down or injured or the stock is get disease.

We, school year ambassadors in Branching Out, work with our own tree. The tools that we need for grafting are knife, grafting tape, and wax. First, we give the tree a haircut, whatever you want to tree look like, by using the pruner. Then we go outside cut down a piece of branches that you want to graft. We need the pruner to be clean. If not, the tree will get disease. After you cut the scion and stock that are match, we use the grafting tape stick them together.

One highlight of doing this project is to learn more about the grafting. Not all the plants can be grafted. The stock and scion must be compatible. Incompatible grafts may not form a union, which means the results of the plants will break off or die. One challenge of this project is that when you graft, you need to be careful your tools that you are using it safely such as knife and pruner. When we cut scion and stock, we don’t want the stock to big and the scion need to fit in. We hope that the plants are successfully graft and that is our goal to see what a fantastic tree. That is beautiful when the tree grows up with different scion.


5 responses to “Grafting

  1. Good luck with your grafts. I really struggled with grafting skills. I am always so impressed when I see people who can do it well!


  2. Thank you Song for sharing your grafting experience. I’m very interested in grafting, and appreciate all of the good information in your post. I hope your grafts take and will grow into beautiful trees.


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