Saugus Iron Works – Pest Management Continued


Installing fence for pest management

The history of the park is the that it was the first iron works of America, and it quickly began to help America become one of the leading steel making countries in the world. There is a blacksmiths area, when the park was operational still is used to make nails like blacksmiths working there would make and are used in the repairing of the buildings.

Before we began our project, we were given pictures of different locations in the park from the 50’s and had to find the location of where the picture was taken and see the difference in the landscape. The goal of our project was to continue and finish from the summer pest management, a fence to stop the geese from disturbing the order of the parks beautiful area by laying their waste. Which was well sought for by us because we worked there over the summer and began the installation and planting process of it.

We also assisted the park in maintenance.  We helped cut a fallen apple tree into smaller more manageable pieces, and transporting them to a location to be picked up.  Before we cut the apple tree, the newer members were given a lesson on how the folding saw works. Some tools we used to complete this project was our folding saw, personal protective equipment (PPE), ball-peen hammers, pliers, hand-held sledge hammers, and screwdrivers.

Some highlights was working together as a team, finishing a continued project from the summer and cutting up the apple tree. Some challenges was the weather, installing the fence onto the fence posts, and bringing the pieces of the apple tree to a different location inside the park.

Fallen apple tree

Cutting fallen apple tree to transport


4 responses to “Saugus Iron Works – Pest Management Continued

  1. Hello. I’m belatedly catching up with contacts. Thank you for following Under Western Skies. You have some interesting projects here, and I’ve scanned through a few. Geese! They are pests, but I suppose not to some people. I hope you have more writing in store for 2018. All the best.


  2. Great job! I hope the fence is successful in keeping the geese off the lawn areas. They really cause quite a mess for the visitors.


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