Visiting Groundwork Somerville’s Urban Farm

On November 21st 2017 we visited Groundwork Somerville. Groundwork Somerville is an organization that strives to bring about the sustained regeneration , improvement and management of the physical environment through the development of community based partnerships which empower people /businesses and organizations to promote environmental economic and social well-being.

Deadheading marigolds. The Groundwork Green Team will use the marigold heads we collected for seeding in the spring.

   The Branching out Program joined Groundwork Somerville to collaborate, and engaged in activities to get to know each other better.  During this project we worked with Rae and the Green team youth . The tasks we did at Groundwork Somerville consist of pruning, helping them with compost and  clean up the leaves  and get the farm ready for the winter . The tools we used were pruners , shovel , gloves , buckets , and also rakes to rake the leaves,

       The Highlights of the day was the icebreakers we participated , questions to get to know each other, and also the Food Justice spectrum . Participating in such activities helped us get to know each other well and also sparked interesting discussions regarding the food justice in our cities/towns . Overall this activity helped us gained knowledge and be mindful of the foods we eat and have access to.

  The challenge of the day was opening up to each other, but we did easily overcome it with all the icebreakers we have done together as a team which got us to have meaningful discussions about food justice, the environment, and the local community.

Thanks to Groundwork Somerville’s Green Team for hosting us!

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