Minute Man National Park – Creating an Orchard!

Our second project was on October 28 2017 at Parker’s Revenge Landscape Rehabilitation (Minute Man Park). In the battle of April 19, 1775, British soldiers marched past the orchards heading west to Concord. Beginning in the early 1800s, number of cider orchards decreased due to the temperance movement. When Minute Man National Historic Park was established in 1989, several remnant orchards remained within the battle road unit. In 2003-2004, the park replants the Hartwell Orchard. In 2017, the park collaborated with the Lincoln Minute Men to replant the Hartwell Orchard as the earlier planting was lost to deer and rodent damage.

Our goal for this project was to get up long term deer, rabbit, vole, and weed protection around newly planted apple trees. For this project, we worked with the technical expect, Margie Coffin Brown whose an integrated resource manager at the park, robotics team and also within ourselves. For this project, we installed end cages for three protections in an orchards near Parker’s Revenge. We also moved rebar’s from different locations, baggage the mulch and measured a grid which will be planted in the future.

The tools we used for this project consists of loppers for cutting PVC tubing, measuring tape, cordless drill set to drill holes, drill bits for 9/16” holes, wire clippers, PVC tubing circle 13’ length, duct tape, 8 foot long lengths of 1/2” rebar, ladder, pole drivers, sledge hammer, level to check verticality, hardware wire clothe, deer netting, cable ties, spade or thin shovel for tree slits, mulch paper, mulch, gloves, eye protection, hard hats, ear protection, garden cart for moving materials, camera.

The highlight of this project was gaining knowledge of the park’s history and being a part of the team that helped prevent pests from damaging trees. The challenges we encountered as a group was the problem with time, but we hope to return in the next couple months to continue assisting the park with this project!

Thanks Margie and Minute Man National Park for hosting us!

Our work group

Creating the base of the cage.


Site of the orchard.

Installing the stakes, it was a team effort!

Using a pole driver to get the stakes in the ground.

4 responses to “Minute Man National Park – Creating an Orchard!

  1. Nice work. I like the cage design and materials. I can picture how it is going to work for most critters, Can you let me know how you are planning to control the weeds inside the cage?


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