Charlestown Navy Yard

Adrienne, Ardo, and Jeremiah getting the tree ready to be planted

This week, we worked at the Charlestown Navy Yard (CNY). During our week here we learned the importance of the park. The park during WWII was turning out new ships about every three months. Which the National Parks Service that should be preserved, the land area of the navy yard was diminished from when it was in working condition. The goal of our project was to help in the process of restoring the Commandant’s house garden to a welcoming place. Which we need to make sure we’re safe by wearing our personal protective equipment which consisted of safety glasses, gloves, long pants and our steel toe of safety toe boots.  Our tasks for the project consisted of planting a drift rose, a magnolia tree, pruning back some lilacs, and weeding the brick pathway up to the Commandant’s house. The tools we used to complete the project was our hand pruners, our hand saws, our soil knife, shovels, a wheelbarrow, and a hammer.  During the afternoon we were led in a tree assessment workshop, where we learned how a geographic information system (GIS) worked and how to operated it. The challenges we had this project was lifting the tree before we planted it, bees, and cutting up the lilacs into smaller pieces. 

Connor and Joel measuring the width of the hole for a tree


Written By: Connor Ainsley and Joel Jean Phane

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