Introduction to ambassadors

During the first week with branching out we played a lot of icebreakers and group activities to get to know each other more. We introduced ourselves and learned more about one another. Also we went over the branching Out rules and guidelines as a group and what the program will look like for the first few months.

I am Songrun, 17 years old from China. I go to Charlestown High school, I like play video games. I go to a program called Chinese immigrant student leadership. In branching out, it helps me improve my English speaking, listening, reading, writing, and learn more vocabulary words. Also I learned teamwork from this program. My strength is that I have good attitude, but I don’t communicate well with others as the language. I don’t have favorite food, after high school I plan to go to college but I don’t have a favorite subject.

My name is Ardo originally from Kenya. I am 17 and a senior at Madison Park Technical Vocational High school. My vocation is radio and television broadcasting. After high school I want to attend college and double major in international relations and criminal justice, and minor in business and communications. The branching out program can help with my future by gaining skills such as professionalism and knowledge of the environment. My strength is my dedication and weakness is my lack of social skills. Branching out will help me with my weakness of social skills with the variety of different people we will meet. By doing projects and increasing my network of people. Outside of branching out, I am in the mayors youth council, upward bound, a girls group, and also the national honors society.

Hello there, I’m Connor Ainsley and currently I’m a senior at Quincy High school. Right now in school I’m majority in metal fabrication, but I’m planning to go college and major in one of the sciences. I was introduced to branching out two years ago, but couldn’t participate until the summer of 2017 and was elated when I was hired for the school year ambassador program. In my free time I enjoy listening to music, hanging out with friends, also playing video games. I also have a second job at the common market restaurants in Quincy, Ma. The strengths I feel I love is my knowledge of what I’ve done previously for branching out, and work ethic, my weaknesses are that I’m capable of being stubborn, and impatient at times and that I’m very soft-spoken. I believe my spirit animal is a koala bear, and my favorite food is buffalo chicken subs.

My name is Joel, I am 16 years old. I moved to Boston when I was 12 years old with my father and my two older sisters. I am in 11th grade and I go to Madison Park High school. I don’t like to talk a lot and sometimes, I like to stay alone. I think branching out will help me to speak more to people. Branching out will help me a lot in the future because branching out help me with my speak, how to work together, and how to help one another.

I’m Jeremiah a 17 year old senior from Techboston Academy, I’m going to be a first generation college student. My hobbies are making/listening to music, working out, photography, helping people and playing basketball and baseball. My favorite food is anything buffalo chicken and any pasta. I plan to go to college to major in business and minor in music, communications, and media. I am put spoken, speak what I feel and know. Also look to learn and grow in all aspects as a person.

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