Boston Field Team Reflections 2017

Catherine Van Even, First Year Field Member:

This summer has been filled with many laughs, challenges, and learning experiences.  I think that my biggest accomplishment was forming a healthy relationship with the people that I worked with; getting along with my coworkers contributed to making this summer really enjoyable.  In addition, I enjoyed being exposed to all of the history Boston has to offer.  Branching Out has helped me identify that I want to make my career something that I love and will enjoy spending my time doing.



Daniel Plummer, First Year Field Member:

My biggest personal accomplishment for this summer was finishing each project, and also working with a good group of people while making new friends.  My highlights for this summer were going to New York for the travel project, working with a good group of people, like I said, and doing Friday activities.  Branching Out helped me identify academic and career goals because of the different jobs people who work [at Olmsted Center for Landscape Preservation] have.  Also, people who work at the parks have shown me that there are a lot of careers out there.  My experience with Branching Out was really fun, I learned a lot, got new skills, new friends, and new career ideas.



Mohamed Nezad, First Year Field Member:

My biggest personal accomplishment this summer was finishing all of the projects and being able to contribute to it as equally as others.  My highlight of the summer was working with the goats and making a shelter for them.  After working at Branching Out, my academic and career goals are moving more towards things that include nature.  Branching Out was my first and best summer job.  The number of field members was just right.



Jonah Estabrook, Second Year Field Member:

I think my biggest accomplishment this summer was figuring out how to be a leader, a friend, and a team member.  This summer I think I learned how to be a people’s person.  For me, the highlight of the summer was the moments when I was able to have fun with my coworkers.  There are memories from this summer that I will never forget.  Branching Out has been formative in the growth of my interpersonal skills, and it has also taught me to value public service and giving back.  I identify with the mission of the National Park Service (NPS) and I value the work that NPS does.  I think I want to pursue public service work.



Adrian Reyes, First Year Field Member:

My biggest accomplishment this year was learning how to use new tools.  [Branching Out] has also helped me meet new people.  It also taught me new skills that I didn’t have before.



Robert Deloacth, Second Year Field Member:

My experience with Branching Out for my second summer participating in the program was very enriching.  I gained more skills especially in carpentry through all the hands-on projects that we did. In fact, finishing all the planned projects for this summer was one of my highlights. Another highlight of this summer was, being able to work again with Jamie (Arborist and Maintenance staff at Adams) and learning about Maintenance preservation. I enjoyed being part of the Field Team this summer because it gave me the chance to explore nature in its truest form.



Connor. Ainsley, First Year Field Member:

I have learned and accomplished a lot this summer but my biggest accomplishment this summer was cutting down a whole tree on Peddocks  Island with the help of other Field Team Members. I also have many highlights from the summer but the biggest one was meeting the New York City Field Team Members and working with them during our travel project. The other Boston Field Team Members also contributed in making my summer with Branching Out a great one. I have built friendships that will last beyond Branching Out.



Emani Gonzalez, First Year Field Member:

My biggest highlight from this summer was working with Matt (Arborist) and Lorre (BOP intern and student in Forestry) because now I know what I want do in life. It helped me decide what I want to study in school and how to practice it. What I want to do is go to a four year college and study environmental science and hopefully intern with a company or program in this field.



Jeremiah Archer, First Year Field Member:

I have had a fun and productive summer with Branching Out. One of my highlights was working alongside my fellow Field Team Members and getting to know them. My experience this summer with Branching Out has sparkled my interest for the  outdoors and for the field of preservation. I had my challenges but overall, this was a very positive experience. I look forward to continuing with Branching Out and applying for the School Year Program. This will allow me to gain more skills in addition those that I have gained this summer.



Conor O’Malley, First Year Field Member:

I have gained a lot from working for Branching Out this summer. My biggest accomplishment was being able to manage my time efficiently so that I was able to fulfill my commitments as a Field Team Member while also enjoying my summer outside of work.  My highlight of the summer was the travel project because I got to meet and work with the New York City Field Team Members.  My experience this summer has made me realize how much I like doing hands-on work.  I hope to explore more of this  career field in the future.




One response to “Boston Field Team Reflections 2017

  1. Congratulations to all of you. Thank you for your contributions to Branching Out and the National Park Service. I wish you all the very best in your next adventures.


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