Saugus Iron Works: Resource Protection and Pest Management


This week we went to Saugus Iron Works.  This marks the first Iron Works of America. It was created by the Puritans to allow them to be more independent from England. The location of this site was chosen based on its access to resources needed to create iron- water, charcoal, bog oar, and gabbro.

The park is extremely devoted to making the visitor experience as enjoyable as possible. Unfortunately, geese have a tendency to scatter their waste throughout grass areas. This discourages people from being able to relax on the lawns. Our project was to experiment a peaceful way of keeping geese off of the grass. We built a fence by the river to try and keep geese from coming up.  In order to keep the park looking as beautiful as possible, we also planted native species around the fence.  To keep a natural effect on the park, there was some flexibility when it came to the location on the plants.

Ranger Marc presented our project and we were later taken on a tour of the park by one of his fellow rangers. We learned about the native plants and saw the Iron Works in effect. For this project, we interpreted a planting plan, flagged, installed a fence, staged plants, dug holes, planted, transplanted strawberries, added mulch, and pruned invasive species.

Our technical experts this week were Pat and Abbey. They are biotechs and assisted us with supportive knowledge though challenges we encountered.

Some of the highlights this week included seeing one of the members from Future Leaders make nails, mulching, seeing the watermills in effect, and the view of the park. A challenge we faced was envisioning how useful our fence will be for keeping the geese of the grass.

-Catherine and Rob

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