Peddocks Island: Vista Clearing Project

This week we worked at Peddocks Island, which is one of the Boston Harbor Islands. This island has a very fascinating history, being the former residence of Native Americans, then being the home to a military base during the world wars, and also being the home to Portuguese fisherman. However, now the island’s primary use is for camping and recreational activities. What makes this island special is its proximity to the busy city of Boston. People who want to get away from the bustling city life can get away to Peddocks Island with a short boat ride. With that said, our mission this week was to improve the overall appeal to camping on Peddocks Island by clearing the vista between the ocean and the campground. By clearing the vista, a pleasant sea breeze could pass through the campground. In order to clear the vista we cut down the under story of vegetation, and raised the canopy of the surrounding trees. We did this by using tools such as loppers and pruners to rid of small to medium sized vegetation, and by using tree climbing equipment and handsaws to cut down dead and unnecessary tree limbs.  We hope that this sort of work will help attract more visitors to the campground because right now the campground sits right in the sun, and a nice sea breeze would improve the experience immensely. We couldn’t have done the work we did this week without first receiving education on climbing, which entailed arbor, climbing safety, tree identification, and tree assessments. We also received a lesson on the history of Peddocks Island, which gave us a helpful context for the meaning of our work. Thanks to Matt, Deni, and Adrienne, we were able to learn everything we needed to know and execute our work in an efficient and safe manner.

-Connor Ainsley and Jonah Estabrook

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