Another task that I enjoyed doing was painting the top of the second floor. I remember starting to paint the clap board, I was a little nervous because I didn’t want to make a mess. No matter how hard I try to not make a mess with paint I still do. I didn’t want to have a any dripping because I was on staging and under me was a window and i didn’t  want to mess up the window casing. Before starting to paint is was a process where we first had to scrape the clap boards, set the nails then sand it, code the clap boards with 50/50 because is not good to leave wood expose with nothing to protect it then after we applied the oil we sand it again because the oil of the 50/50 would rise the grain of the wood. I had told my mentor that im really bad at painting so he gave a quick lesson on how to paint and what I got out the lesson was that I need to take long strokes while painting and be patience and careful. After I finished painting I felt good of how the clap boards came out looking like and i didn’t make that much of the mess. Hopefully this help me in the future to not feel so nervous when it comes down to painting. I plan to keep practicing just to get better. I also learned about oil and water paint, its difference purpose and its use. Come visit the Meriam house in Minute Man National Historical Park!!

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