Travel Project!

For our travel project, we got to go to Sagamore Hill National Historic site. There we met up with the New York field team! We all had so much fun and learned a lot about the park and Theodore Roosevelt’s Historic home. As a team, we worked on four different project, turf rejuvenation, fence repair, orchard pruning, and trail maintenance which I was a part of!

The trail that my team worked on was a nature trail that Theodore Roosevelt and his family used on a regular basis that connected to the beach, and the trail is used a lot by visitors every day in the park today. Our main goal was to repair water bars along the trails. Water bars work to redirect water flowing down the main trail to the sides and prevent water buildup in the trails that can cause erosion and ruin trials by creating huge puddles.  

Before repairing the waterbars, we performed assessments to determine which waterbars were in critical condition and which waterbeds had minor damage so we could make a plan to make sure we could repair the ones that were in critical condition. After we identified where we would work, dug deeper trenches so the water would divert from the trails, and created a mound of dirt above the water bars and tamped it down so the water would hit the water bar and redirect to the side of the trials. We were able to repair all 12 water bars all along the nature trail!

While working on the trails, we were able to learn about a bat monitoring project that is going on at Sagamore Hill! Recently, in 2005, the Northern Long Ear Bats was affected by a fungal disease, white nose syndrome. These bats were found in New York and were found in the park. One goal of this bat monitoring project is to see if these bats are using the part as a place to raise pups and f they are, this area could be a sanctuary place for bats!



Conducting trail assessments



Tamping down the waterbars



One response to “Travel Project!

  1. Shreena – Thanks for participating in the 2017 Branching Out travel project and repairing ALL the water bars along the nature trail at Sagamore Hill NHS! Your work will improve the visitor experience for many people.


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