Travel Project! Fence Repair

This summer we got to go to Sagamore Hill National Historic Site which is home to the 26th president of the United States. This was my second time being in this park 3 summers ago, from the last time i came my first summer as a field team member i missed the views the park has specially at the beach. During the time at Sagamore Hill there was 4 projects going on at the same time which were turf rejuvenation, fence repair, orchard care and trail management. My first time coming the project i was on was the trail management and this summer on the fence repair. My experience on this travel project was great, getting to meet the new field team members and meeting the NYC field team. It was great meeting the park staff and learning from them. The project i was working on relates to what i been doing this summer in my internship which is working with wood so that’s one thing I really liked. It was about a couple thousand of liner feet of fence that needed to get replace, only because we were there for a week we only had 281 liner feet of fence replace. I feel like it was amazing we got that much done because the park staff only get about 4 post installed in a day when we did 15!! in one day! If we were there for longer we would’ve definitive replaced everything. I learned how the Roosevelt family used the  fence to keep the animals inside, from that it seems like they had a lot of animals in the farm. ( Here’s a link to a video showing how to put the rails on:

My team for the fence repair

Making posts




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