Virtual Tour: Eugene O’Neill NHS

Despite its size, EUON is an enchanting park that’s completely secluded from the rest of the world, giving off a zen vibe that captivated the O’Neill’s and convinced them to stay. It’s exactly for that reason why I love this park, plus the breathtaking view of Mt. Diablo definitely helps.

The Tao garden was at one point was just a dirt pit that was totally recreated from old photos that the O’Neill’s had taken of their home, turning that pit into this gorgeous garden that you see here. The maintenance crew and I spend a lot of time perfecting the lawn and hedges to keep that historic zen feel.

The O’Neill’s had traveled all around the world and were looking for a final resting home, and thought that this was the perfect place. Unfortunately as WWII loomed, and they lost servants and caretakers they had to leave their beautiful home behind and Mr. O’Neill eventually passed in a hotel in Boston.

While this was Eugene O’Neill’s favorite part of his home, it’s also mine. On those really hot summer days it feels so amazing to dunk your head in to cool down or even roll up your pants and stick your feet in for a super relaxing lunch by the pool.

This is by far my favorite part of the job. Looking down the row of trees and seeing the progress you’ve made is super rewarding and satisfying. This project in particular has had its ups and downs with the sun being directly in your eyes most of the time or trying to cut out pieces that are way too big for a pole saw, but I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

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