Governors Island Home of the New York City Field Team

New York City Field Team of 2017

The park we were in this past week is called Governors Island. This park is important because in the past it was used as a military installment used for soldiers to live, train and prepare to protect the island of Manhattan. Some cultural resources on the island are listed as, Fort Jay and Castle Williams. Cultural resources are resources that people have created on their own.

During the first week of Branching Out, we primarily focused on team building and preparation for upcoming projects. In addition, we took a course in CPR and First-Aid Safety. We as a group were practicing different types of scenarios that can occur during field and even in different places throughout the city. We worked in small groups to practice CPR and First-Aid skills. Our technical expert for this was Garrett from SOLO, which is a school located in New Hampshire. He was very knowledgeable about the specific topics and taught us a great deal of important information that can be used in our daily lives even when we’re not working with Branching Out.

Sage practicing her First-aid skills on Sherika and Silveri.

This project helps the park and fits directly into any work projects that we do during this summer. Now that we are all CPR and First-Aid certified, we make this park just a little bit more safe knowing that we are capable of helping out if anything happens to someone. Thanks to Garrett, we learned a lot about different situations and tactics to use when going into a situation.

Team building

As a whole we noticed that we all had similar highlights in which we all got to meet new people and do team-building activities with them to build a better relationship as a group. One challenge that we all faced as a group was the heat, it makes work just a little more difficult and can raise the risks of someone passing out. However, that wont stop us from getting work done because we’ll remind each other to drink water frequently. Our favorite part about this week was acting out the different parts of the CPR and First-Aid because everyone was being supportive and it informed us about the different things that can happen on a work site. Each and every one of us is determined to make sure our Harbor Parks, and even parks in the city are safe, clean and preserved.

3 responses to “Governors Island Home of the New York City Field Team

  1. Everyone looks sharp and ready for work. Don’t forget your morning sit-ups and push-ups to build a strong core. This helps keep up from pulling a muscle when lifting supplies or barrels of weeds.
    It works for me.


  2. Good job on Safety training! The heat is taking its toll on all of us. Hang in there and pace yourselves.


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