Parks for The People!

Frederick Law Olmsted once said, “It is one great purpose of the Park to supply to the hundreds and thousands of tired workers, who have no opportunity to spend their summers in a country, a specimen of God’s handiwork that shall be to them, inexpensively, what a month or two in the White Mountains or the Adirondacks is, at a great cost, to those in easier circumstances”. It is very important for people living in urban areas to have access to National Parks because they are often living very busy lives and visiting more distant parks like Yellowstone might not be an option. The Boston Harbor Islands is a unique park because it is easily accessible to everyone because it is very close to an urban area and only a short boat ride away. Visitors can experience and learn about historic landmarks and enjoy being in a place that is rich with biodiversity. 




Boston Harbor Islands also offers a fantastic opportunity for people to give back and become stewards and improve the park. On the Boston Harbor Islands, groups and individuals have the opportunity to volunteer on Stewardship Thursdays and Saturdays and work along side staff to improve parks. Being involved in a stewardship day gives volunteers the opportunity to learn more about the history of the park and get involved with us to increase biodiversity in the parks. Not only are volunteers committing to the overall motto of the National Park Service,“ for the benefit and enjoyment of the people”, but also are learning tremendously about the parks around them and ultimately sharing it with people they know. This encourages people to get involved and contribute to making parks accessible for people that may not be able to travel across the country visit National Parks and have a place where they can go to see something different, to relax, and learn something new.  




One response to “Parks for The People!

  1. Shreena, this is a wonderful blog post. You share some of the fundamental reasons why national parks like Boston Harbor Islands are so important to protect and preserve for peoples enjoyment. Exactly what the guiding mission of the NPS strives for! Thanks!


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