Serving the community

Minute Man National Park is beneficial to the community because it has what one the National Park services motto says ” for the benefit and enjoyment of the people”. Minute Man National Park is a very large park compare to other parks with 500 Acers! Some of the feature of this park are the Captain William Smith House, Elisha Jones house, North Bridge ,  Meriam house and Barret house, all these structures teaches us something about how they used to think and build thing. These are all structure features but this park also has natural features like forest wetland, fields, ponds and wildlife. One of the most important reason this is a national park is because this where the opening battle of the American Revolutionary War began, This is all enjoyable things for the public to see and learn about.


All these features the park has are beneficial because it allows people to have something to enjoy closer to them. Not everyone have the chance to travel far away to enjoy nature, like going biking, walk your dog, going for a jog and just to explore and learn new things. Frederick law Olmsted said ” is one great purpose of the park to supply to the hundreds of thousands of tired workers who have no opportunity to spend their summer in the country, a specimen of gods handiwork that shall be to them, inexpensively, what a month or two in the white mountains or the Adirondacks is, at great cost, to those easier circumstances” some of what he saying is describing what Minute Man National Park is doing.

3 responses to “Serving the community

  1. Hey, great blog post! You’re doing some really important work at Minute Man NHP to protect significant park resources for everyone to experience. Thanks!


  2. Thanks Diego for helping to keep those structures at Minute Man in good condition and for all of us to enjoy!


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