About Me!

Hello Everyone! I’m Shreena Pyakurel and I am a Park Based Intern at Boston Harbor Islands! I am from Somerville, MA and this is my second year with Branching Out. I first joined the field team two years ago and learned a wide range of skills in landscape maintenance, and this summer I hope to expand on those skills.   

A few things about me is that I just finished my second year at Mount Holyoke College, and I am planning to double major in Geography and Biology. I enjoy taking a wide range of courses that are related to how invasive species affect a natural habitat. When I am not in classes you can usually find me somewhere outside. I love to take hikes, go on long walks, swim, and just hang out with friends!

This summer I hope to learn a lot about Natural Resource Management from my mentors and the people around me. I hope to get better at identifying plants and trees!, engage with the public and also improve public speaking skills, as well as learn more about the history of the Boston Harbor Islands.  One of the main challenges that I may face this summer is dealing with the heat along with that dehydration. I also hope to find a potential career path through this internship while having lots of fun!20170615_095902

2 responses to “About Me!

  1. Hi Shreena, sorry for the delay, but, really great having you working with Branching Out again! Looking forward to keeping up with all you do during your internship!


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