Second Intership

Hello my name is Diego Rojas, I just graduated from the carpentry program at North Bennet St School. Was a really good experience being there for a year really learned a lot. I  was a field team member for 2  summer and last summer I was an intern and this summer a intern again.

Last summer my inter was over at Saugus Iron Works National Park rebuilding the water wheel hutch with the H.A.C.E crew. This summer  am at The Meriam house in Concord helping Tim Walsh do a variety of repair that the house needs. I’m  looking forward the travel project, always the best part of the program and I’m exited to see how this summer goes, hope i learn a lot and have fun doing these projects. Something that will be challenging is keeping up with the heat, this is my first week and already feeling the heat. I really hope to learn more about preserving wood, really like how we trying to use the most we can of wood in the house. The reason we trying to  preserve old pieces of wood is to keep the authenticity of the house ax of how it was back then.

3 responses to “Second Intership

  1. Welcome back Diego!! Another exciting summer working not only at Minute Man, but also assisting at Salem Maritime and Saugus Ironworks. Nice diversity of parks and project work!


  2. Thanks for letting us know what you are up to this summer, and congratulations on graduation! This house looks lucky to have you and Tim working on it. Thanks for being there.

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  3. Diego – So good to have you back for a 4th summer! It was certainly a hot week. Hope you were drinking lots of water. I’m looking forward to the travel project as well. Enjoy your time working with Tim.

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