Importance of JOMU

John Muir National Historic Site, like so many other parks is located in an urban area. For many people this is a place of peace, a place where they can go and see the large natural space that is been preserved for many years, some people use it as a place for hiking, a place to walk their dogs, a place to look at the stars at night. All of these reasons contribute to why John Muir National Historic Site is an important part of the Martinez community. While it isn’t Yosemite or the Grand Canyon, it is a place that is important to people. The history that is here along with all of the natural resources make this park a valuable part of Martinez. Really big parks that are known all over the country like the ones stated above are places people think of first when you mention e National Park Service, no one ever really looks at the small parks located in the cities and towns all over the country. We need these parks, we need them for their recognition of the events and people they represent and we need them as an escape from our day to day lives. We can’t always rely on state or private parks to accomplish the goal that the park service does. Places like John Muir serve as a staple all across the National Park Service that helps people realize the bigger goals and agenda of the Park service without always pulling up the stops with the big huge grand parks like the Grand Canyon and Yosemite.

Personally, for me, one of the most important things about this park is its cultural and natural resources, those being the historic orchards that are found all around the park. From the peaches, to the pears, and the apples, and the figs, there are so many things that you can find around here that tell the story of John Muir and his role on not only conservation, but fruit production and providing for the people. The fruit orchards provide a cool look on what John Muir used to do when he was living at this house, but also knowing that you can grab a quince off the tree and snack on it while you’re walking around the park is another reason that I am a little in love with this national historic site. Another great reason why John Muir is such a great park is because of the people that run it. This park has such an amazing system that reaches out to the communities so that they can also more deeply enjoyed their national Park. There are so many activities and things that people can do you hear that it really makes it so much more inclusive to everyone that comes through. The people here now only work on how to reach out to the community but how to better improve the park that they are at. The amount of projects and restoration, and maintenance the crew does here at John you’re really shows how much they care about their parking how much they care about benefiting the people that come to enjoy the green space they have. 

I truly believe John Muir National Historic Site is an absolute treasure that everyone should share and Im ecstatic to be able to work on the gorgeous tree here at the park. 

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