Tree/Grass Planting at Minute Man National Historical Park

We went to Minute Man National Historical Park for one of our Stewardship Saturdays. It was raining and misty outside when we went. At the park, there was a plot of land that was damaged by a tornado a few months back and everything in that area was bare. We helped Margie, who is the integrated resources manager/landscape architect to rake the land and prep it for the seeds. First we had to spread lime evenly on the soil in order to add nutrients to it. Next we took good soil and raked it in a way that it covered the bare area. Then we had to sprinkle grass seeds evenly so ensure that grass would grow back in the area and that there would be no empty spaces. Finally, we covered the plot of land with a straw-like blanket to block it from being interrupted and eaten by birds. We had to stretch out the roll and pull it across the plot. Then we took pins and stuck them into the ground to hold the sheet in place. For our lunch break, we all went out for pizza. After, we went up the hillside and started to layout the trees. We first set up a boundary line to separate our land from the other people’s property. We planted the maple, evergreen and oak trees. It was the first time that we have ever planted trees and it was an interesting and fun experience. First we had to dig a hole big enough to fit the plant and then remove it from its pot. Then we had to add nutrient powder to the hole and put the tree in there, covering it with the soil. With the help of Margy, we were able to plant 50 trees by the end of the day! A few challenges that we had was that we had to work with soil which got everywhere. It was also a rainy day with gray skies that made it difficult to work in. A few highlights was that we were able to plant trees for the first time. Also, while we were spreading the grass seeds, we were also having fun at the same time. We really liked this kind of project since it was a more hands-on project and it was different than the projects that we usually do. In the end, we were all covered in soil but it was worth the experience.

Moises raking the soil

Linda operating the wheel-barrow

Moises getting ready to plant his first tree

Linda planting her first tree

The plot of land after the planting


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