New Stuff

So far, the last two weeks have been really eye-opening in terms of all the new things I’ve learned. From the parks and their history to the people and the role they play in the park service, its given me a new perspective on daily life and what people find important in their lives.

One thing that has been absolutely fascinating to me is grape vine pruning. This was also particularly challenging because not only do I not know anything about grape pruning, but fruit pruning in general is totally foreign to me. So, naturally, the first real task I had was to prune was grape vines. I had always pictured them as these cool looking vines with cool little clusters of grapes everywhere, but honestly they are really scraggly and unpleasant to look at. 
After inspecting the vines that were already pruned for a while so to understand the form they were supposed to have, I made my way to the ones that needed work. I spent about an hour walking around the first plant, eyeing it, and giving it a shape in my head. Once I finished the second and third I had pretty much gotten the hang of it and had considered myself a master pruner. Conisdering no one has made any comments on my pruning, Im believeing it more and more everyday. 

One response to “New Stuff

  1. Hi Lorre! I very much enjoyed reading your post, in fact, I could hear you! Your voice was coming through loud and clear. So far, it sound like your internship is off to a great start. I especially enjoyed learning that you are now a “master pruner.” Congratulations!!!


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