2017 Branching Out Interns!

Welcome 2017 Branching Out Interns! During spring break week the new team got together for orientation to meet one another and to to prepare for their internships this spring/summer season. The interns created introduction videos for all of you to get to know them, learn about their interests, and share where they will be in their internships!

2017 Branching Out Interns: Shreena, Lorre, and Diego

Shreena Pyakurel

Park placement: Boston Harbor Islands National and State Park – Boston, MA
School: Mount Holyoke College in Amherst, MA
Studies: Biology and Geography

Lorre Mitchell

Park placement: John Muir National Historic Site – Martinez, CA
School: UMASS Stockbridge School of Agriculture in Amherst, MA
Studies: Arboriculture and Community Forestry

Diego Rojas
Park placement: Historic Architecture, Conservtion, and Engineering Center at Minute Man National Historical Park – Concord, MA
School: North Bennet Street School in Boston, MA
Studies: Carpentry

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