Hi, I’m Lorre!

About Me

Hello everyone, I’m Lorre Mitchell, a Branching Out intern this summer working at the John Muir Nation Historic Site, in Martinez CA doing arboriculture/tree work. I grew up in Dorchester, MA and now live in a little town outside of Boston called Norwood. I went to an agricultural high school, which is where my profound love for everything outdoors grew into arbor. Now I study arboriculture & community forestry at UMass Amherst and am having the absolute time of my life. There I study a range of classes, indoors and out. This includes soils, plants in the landscape, botany, chainsaw and climbing labs, insects, pathology, and so much more. My favorites are definitely the ones where I get to be outside looking at plants, though with the New England weather, it kind of makes it hard to enjoy at times. While I’m not in class I love to rollerblade and explore the enormous campus while also honing my plant ID skills.

This will be my second year working with the Branching Out program. Last year I was a field team member and very much enjoyed the experience that I had, well obviously because I’m here again. Before that though, I was a recreation intern working on the Boston Harbor Islands with a discovery camp. While there I went to one of the Branching Out teach backs and fell in love with the work that they did and instantly wanted to become apart of it. I’m very thankful that I did, and wish that everyone can find a niche in something like I did with Branching Out.

If you couldn’t tell, I really love trees and would eventually want a career working with them. While I don’t enjoy working privately too much, I would love to work for a municipality or even continue working with the National Park Service for some time. I believe that working with an organization that has the interest of not only the the general public at heart, but also the environment and American history rather than “clients” is so much more worthwhile and meaningful. I get to have a positive impact, no matter how small on people’s lives when they get to experience the work that I put into upholding the space of a national park, and that, to me, is incredibly important. 

Thoughts for this summer

This summer I’m going to be a lot farther from home than I’ve ever been before and I know it’s going to be so amazing and a little terrifying. Some things that I’m absolutely looking forward to this summer are exploring a whole new environment that’s 3,000 miles from home. I also can’t wait to meet my new mentors, I’ve heard so many wonderful things and know that they will be the reason I have a great summer. Finally I’m anticipating to learn a whole bunch of new techniques, and skills that will provide me with the knowledge to be a truly great arborist. While I’m here I know I want to improve on tree risk assessment, tree ID, using GIS systems, and rigging. Although I’m confident in my skills, I know that these are some things that I need to improve on and no better place to do it than John Muir National Historic Site. In spite of all the great things I’m sure will happen, I think there will be some challenges as well. Things like managing my time and money will be something a little new to me, though I have confidence in myself that I will get through it.

Thanks for listening and learning a little about me 🙂


4 responses to “Hi, I’m Lorre!

  1. Lorre, I hope you have an amazing time out West working at John Muir NHS. Keith is very talented and a super nice person…I know you will enjoy working with him and the rest of the park staff. It is a very different landscape where you will be able to explore an entirely different plant palette…enjoy!


  2. It will be a great summer because you are putting great energy into your work. Looking forward to hearing about your tree work adventures.

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  3. Good luck, sounds like you have a fantastic summer to look forward to and the perfect attitude to take full advantage of being in John Muir Park. Enjoy all of it!

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