Stewardship Saturday at Grape Island

On Saturday March 25th, the Branching Out team went on a Stewardship Saturday event on Grape Island. The day started out fresh in the morning with the team going to Hingham Shipyard in order to board the ship for Grape Island.  The Live Blue ambassadors were also there which resulted in a large group. There were two small boats and the ride there was really refreshing. On the island, there were many dead trees that were already cleared out by previous groups. The Branching Out team worked with the Aquarium group in order to help cut down the branches so that those can decompose properly. We used pruners, loppers and even a chipper, a huge machine that was able to turn the logs into dust. There were various sorts of plants on the island ranging from the bittersweet, to the tree of heaven and also the pivet. The tree of Heaven was unique because it grew really tall yet it has a really rotten smell to it. The bittersweet, which is an invasive species, was clinging onto the bigger trees causing them to be drained of the require nutrients. We were able to bond with many different people from the other program. With a lot of people helping out, we were able to make the debris pile smaller so that they can decompose quickly. Another thing we did was to cut down the large trees and logs. The chipper was required for this since the logs were way too big. At the end of the day, most of the debris piles had diminished. Before, the island was overcrowded and looked really messy. Afterwards, it looked more spacious and had lots of free areas. We felt very accomplished after a long day of work!

Andrew, Biological Technician with Boston Harbor Islands introducing the day’s work to the group

Cutting up debris using loppers

Starting to see some progress!

Linda and Moises

One response to “Stewardship Saturday at Grape Island

  1. I see you are doing Andrew’s work for him! Well, I know he had many more weeds to tend to elsewhere. It looks like you all accomplished a great deal. What do you plant in place of the things you removed?


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