European Hand-tied Bouquets

As we wrap up our first month of the School Year program here in New York City we would like to reflect on what activities and accomplishments we made this month. During the second week of the School Year program in New York City at Stephen T. Mather our teacher Ms. Maire and our coordinator Uriah taught us how to make European hand-tied flower bouquets, and it was a very fun activity. We all work together as a team and made European hand-tied  bouquets for the staff members of the school.We learned many new things during this session and would like to share all the knowledge we gained with you guys.

 Basic Cut Flower Plant Care

Basic Cut Flower Plant Care

First we started with basic needs and care that cut flowers that our bouquets would need.  We learned how to cut the roses under water so they would not air lock. This was a very important process of making the bouquets because if we had cut the roses outside of water they would have started to suck up air instead of water which would have cause them to become air locked. This would have decreased the life span of the flowers as they would no longer take in water.  We also learned how to safely cut extra leafs and buds of the flowers to make it look the way we liked. We learned how to use Japanese pruners, hand pruners, and floral knives. We made one special bouquet for Principal Gabbard because it was his birthday and he has a special liking for flower bouquets.

Happy Birthday Principal Gabbard!!

Happy Birthday Principal Gabbard!!

We incorporated deep purple carnations in some of the bouquet and a little bit of lily grass as well as pistachio roses. Our focal point of the bouquet were the beautiful Pistachio Roses, or as Ms. Maire liked to call them, the “Divas ” of the group. The purple of the carnations really helped to accent them. Then we added a few more filler flowers to add some volume to the bouquet.  Each time crossing one flower stem across the next, a technique used to create a basket like look in the vase. Lastly, when we finished with the flowers we needed to work on the mechanics. We rapped rubber bands and floral tape around to hold our bouquet together and a pretty ribbon to cover it up and complete the look.  The flowers we used for our bouquets were imported from Ecuador, this is important because they grow these flowers using sustainable practices. Completing these European bouquets was a highlight to our day. It was our first time and they came out beautifully. Hope you enjoyed 🙂 !

Final Products

Final Products

 OUCH! Safety is key, be careful if you try this at home guys.

OUCH! Safety is key. Be careful if you try this at home guys.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I love the color combination and the project sounds like it was a fun combination of art, science and mechanics. I remember Uriah making a beautiful arrangement out of Eleanor Roosevelt’s cutting garden on a scorching hot day in Hyde Park. Ask her if she remembers!

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