Commandants House Garden Redesign – Final Planning Stage!

After a few weeks of working on the Commandant’s garden project, we were able to research and identify all the new plants for the garden and the design is in it’s final plan stage.

When researching the plants, we learned a lot of information about the different plants. We noticed that many of them fit the growing conditions in Massachusetts which means they need to be cold tolerant and hardy plants. Their physical features also match well to the conditions in Boston and will make the new garden visually aesthetic.

Most of the plants had little to no disease and they were also low maintenance. We had a workshop with Charlie Pepper who spoke with us about sustainability and the three legged stool approach to help guide our research when determining if the plant is suitable for this garden. We wanted to make sure that the plants would meet the maintenance needs of the park and the visitors. The most important aspect of designing this new garden is to make sure that it will be sustainable and welcoming to visitors. The next step will be researching the cost of the project and plants.

As we are getting closer to finalizing the choice of plants, we believe that the plants that we have researched and chosen will help achieve that goal. One of the plants that we particularly like is the drift rose series (Innocent’s favorite). It’s a very colorful plant that we think will do very well in the new garden because it does not require a lot of maintenance and it is very resistant to diseases. This rose will add a lot of color to the garden along with the knockout rose.


Drift roses can have many colors

Another plant that we liked (Linda’s favorite) was the hydrangea because it has a unique feature. The color of the flowers depends on the pH level of the soil so when the pH is low (acidic), the flowers will be blue. If the pH level is alkaline, then the flowers will turn pink.


There have been a few modifications made to the design from input we provided to Melissa (the designer) and from the park. We will all get together in a few weeks to finalize the plan and we hope that the garden will turn out as we expect it to be.

Then next steps in this project will be to call nurseries and create a budget. We may also perform some of the old plant removal. It has been snowing a lot in Boston so that may delay our effort but we are looking forward to seeing this garden be revitalized!

-Linda and Innocent, School Year Ambassadors

3 responses to “Commandants House Garden Redesign – Final Planning Stage!

  1. Excellent work! I can’t wait to see the installed garden…it will transform the vistior experience of entering the house yard!


  2. It sounds like you are making some great improvements.
    Have you thought about a color theme with different colors in springs vs. summer and a base color to carry though both seasons that matches the house or outdoor furnishings?


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