World’s End

On December 10th 2016, the Branching out School Year Ambassadors were at World’s End which is a park located in Hingham Massachusetts.  This park was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted in 1890. It was used for farming and to raise thoroughbred horses. The park was at some point considered as a potential site for the United Nations’ headquarters and state housing. Today, the park is 251 acre and includes 45 miles of pathways and carriage road. It is now managed by the Trustees of Reservations. The Branching Out Ambassadors were and will be present at the park during the upcoming months to work on different projects. These projects will mostly be taking place in an area of the park called Rocky Neck. The Rocky Neck will remain under the responsibility of the school year Branching Out program until the end of the season.  During the December 10th visit, the Ambassadors removed Glossy Buckthorn and fallen branches to make the area cleaner and more enjoyable for the public. We Used hand saws to cut  little branches  and Joe, an employee at the Olmsted Center  was using a chain saw to cut the fallen trees in pieces.  We then took those pieces and put them in a nice pile for the trucks to take later.


Area we were working in to remove fallen branches



Our pile at the end of the day!!


Linda, Kevin, Joe, and Innocent at the art sculpture at World’s End

Although it was very cold, we still enjoyed the wildness and the amazing view that the park has to offer.  We were lucky enough to see some deer run into the bushes.  It was a good day of hard work but also of discovery!

3 responses to “World’s End

  1. Great job! World’s End is an wonderful landscape and you guys are helping to make it even better for the visiting public to enjoy.


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