On November, 3 2016, we went to the Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy. The purpose of this visit was to learn about composting. Long ago, there used to be an elevated highway that ran through Boston. This had a huge impact on the surroundings because there was a lot of damage that was done to that area. The environment was not that good and it was a really busy place. After many years, the highway was removed and the land underneath the highway was restored into a park. The job of the Rose Kennedy Greenway is to maintain that park and many parks around that area.  The organization in charge of maintaining the Rose Kennedy Greenway does not use any chemicals; therefore they rely entirely on composting to give enough nutrients to all the plants in the park. They have organic compost and a vermiculture. It is important for them to use organic materials because there are babies and pets in the park so using chemicals would not be a safe idea. We were able to learn about some basics about composting. For instance, we learned that we should not put any meat or citrus in our compost but instead, we should prioritize vegetables and fruits. We did an activity, prior to visiting the Greenway that showed us how many days or years materials take to decompose. We found out that glass and styrofoam takes the longest to decompose. With this knowledge, it would help us know what and what not to put in our own compost. By learning about composting at the Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy, we can apply that knowledge to further enhance our compost so that we do not make any mistakes.


Anthony, Horticulturalist at the Greenway introducing us to compost practices


Vermiculture (worm) compost bins


Walking the Greenway after our tour


New art mural in Dewey Square near South Station

4 responses to “Composting

  1. The Greenway is setting such a great example of how to use compost and other organic materials to maintain a large urban park! So glad you had an opportunity to see what they are doing there and use some of their ideas to create a Branching Out composting system. Looking forward to hearing how it works out!


  2. Glad you enjoyed your experience at the RFK Greenway! What did you think of the new mural? Good luck with establishing your own compost. Let me know if you need any brown or green scraps!!!


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