Meet the 2016-17 School Year Ambassadors!


Linda, Moises, and Innocent

Greetings, we are the new school year ambassadors for the Branching Out Program of 2016/2017! We are excited to be a part of such an amazing and educational program. We hope to master new skills and obtain more knowledge about our surroundings. We are looking forward to collaborate with different National Park sites and serve as ambassadors in order to make a better environment. Scroll down below to learn more about each of us and our team!


Linda, Sophomore at Boston Latin Academy

Hi, my name is Linda and I am currently a sophomore at Boston Latin Academy. I love learning about biology and fossils. When I grow older, I want to study marine biology because most of the world is made up of water but so much of it is unexplored.  To me, biology is a gateway to a whole different world and it introduces us to new ideas. I am a very funny, organized and a responsible person. My spirit animal would be a dragon because even though dragons can be fierce at times, they know when to remain calm and be tame. Something that I really focus on is my families and friends. Most importantly of all, I focus on myself. These days, everything could be stressful and I feel that everyone needs their alone time. I love to take walks or go hiking to calm my thoughts and to clear my mind.


Innocent, freshman at UMASS Boston

Hi my name is Innocent and I’m 19 years old.  I am currently a freshman at UMASS Boston and I’m majoring in Economics.  I was born and raised in Togo, but I moved to Somerville when I was 17. My interests include, watching documentaries about social issues, playing soccer, spending time with my friends but most importantly, I love playing music. I play percussion, trombone, tuba and I’m learning how to play the acoustic guitar. Some fun facts about me: Besides English, I also speak French and Ewe, which is a dialect from my home country.  My spirit animal is a bird because birds can fly and I wish I could fly. To finish on a more serious note, I decided to become an ambassador for Branching Out because it gives me the chance to explore many parks in the Boston area, and it also gives me the opportunity to help preserve these parks for the future generations.


Moises, junior at Madison Park Technical Vocational High School

Hey, my name is Moises and I live in Boston, Roxbury, MA.  I attend Madison Park High School and I am a junior studying carpentry. My hobbies are listening to music and also playing basketball and football, even though I play both sports at school and with a passion and I play it if my life depends on it. On my free time, like after school when I’m not working or I don’t have practice I like to go out with my friends that go to school with me or friends that live near me. My spirit animal is a Lion, because I’m not afraid of anything.

Linda, Kevin, and Innocent

Linda, Kevin, and Innocent; Kevin is a junior at Madison Park Technical Vocational High School

Hey my name is Kevin Costner and I live in Boston. I’m from Cape Verde and I came to the U.S.A when I was 9 years old. I like playing soccer and basketball for my school. I’m currently a junior at Madison Park High school. My school is a vocational High school. A vocational High school is a school where students go and get ready for their future jobs. I am studying to be an Auto Technician. In Auto tech we learn how to fix cars. I like doing work in the cars that in the shop every day. I know how to change oil in a car and a wheel rotation, balancing tires, change tires, and more… My favorite TV show is The Flash, and I like to listen to hip-hop music. My spirit animal is a dog. Because dogs are very smart and they are smart just like me. I was the most improved 10th grader at my High School. My family favorite food is lasagna and my mom is the best at making it. I’m enjoying working with the branching out program.

6 responses to “Meet the 2016-17 School Year Ambassadors!

  1. Welcome to the Olmsted Center. We are so pleased to have you joining our team! I look forward to meeting you and following your work with the Branching Out Program.


  2. Welcome all the new ambassadors!
    When I try to explain to people how we restore old gardens and bring them back to the era they were first designed, planting the missing trees and shrubs and adding in the flowers, I say it is like restoring an old car. You have to research the right parts for that model and year otherwise it will not look right, as the designer intended.
    Come visit our gardens and you will see.

    Cambridge and Brookline National Historic Sites
    My spirit animal would be a marine mammal because I like to swim and run. Not sure which one, maybe a Humpback whale. They are playful and takke long migrations each year.


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