Career Path

          It cannot be! Yes people, summer is coming to an end. How can 12 weeks be nearly over already? It is amazing to think, that the Roosevelts preferred to be in Hyde Park to get away from all the busy city life and rude people. I can actually get a sense of why they chose to spend their summer time here, rather than go on exotic islands to vacation. I guess, there is something magical about from the towns people grow up in and always end up coming back because there really is no place like home. Hyde Park is such a picturesque place with pretty landscapes all around you, the Hudson River is right by which is about 90 miles away from New York City, and time truly does pass by here. My externship in Hyde Park for the National Park Service has inspired me to major in Environmental Science. I am thrilled to be  be attending University of Massachusetts Boston. I specifically want to gain more experience in urban farming because I believe that it is so important for people to know where their food is coming from and they can actually grow their own food in cities too. Food in general brings many types of people and cultures together where we can learn so much about someone or what foods comes from their countries. I definitely want to explore all the National Parks that are across the United States in the future.

          If someone wanted to follow in the career path of someone at Roosevelt-Vanderbilt National Historical Sites, such as becoming a horticulturist, ranger, interpreter, or facility manager, people should look into different originations that are involved within National Park Service such as, the Branching Out Program, Student Conservation Association, Olmsted Center for Landscape Preservation, or U.S. Department of the Interior. You can get in contact with people who work in the career paths you are interested in by reaching these people through emails, even write letters to them, and call them if you have too. You can begin taking these steps by looking to see if National Park Service has the path that interest your career options.

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