Virtual Park Tour

For the past ten weeks, I have been enjoying my summer at the Roosevelt-Vanderbilt National Historic Sites. I even got to tour all the three locations the park has to offer when tourists come to visit. Hyde Park is a quiet rural town that has a lot to offer throughout the year. Spring and Summer months are the busiest. There is a drive in theater across Franklin D. Roosevelt National Historic Site and great local restaurants to eat. Poughkeepsie is the next town over where there is a train station that can take you to towns that are along the Hudson River. The Poughkeepsie Train Station even goes to Grand Central Station where you can explore the city life. In Hyde Park, there are many hiking trails people enjoy. During Fourth of July, a parade takes place and the communities all gather and watch in excitement.

Franklin D. Roosevelt was born and raised in Hyde Park. He loved his hometown because it was a peaceful place full of rural life and has stunning views across the Hudson River. FDR loved to watch birds and enjoyed nature more than any president I know. When he was married to Eleanor Roosevelt they even raised their children here. Few miles down a place called Val-Kill is where Eleanor’s true home was built. At Eleanor Roosevelt National Historical Site, she finally had a home where she can call it her own since Springwood was run by her mother in law, Sara Roosevelt. Many of the National Park Service who work at Roosevelt-Vanderbilt National Historical Sites have such admirations for the Roosevelt family because they have brought many changes to America. Franklin D. Roosevelt was one of the greatest president in America and had a stressful job to do at a time when the Great Depression and World War II took hold of the world. Eventually, America did recover from these hard times because we had a patriotic leader who knew what to do. Eleanor herself was an inflectional woman of her time because she dearly cared about Human Rights and people. That is why it is important for the National Park Service to preserve and protect this area to show that the Roosevelts’ are important factor in how America turned out to be.




Coach House is the meeting place for the Maintenance Crew



FDR monument



Where Franklin D. Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt rest



Springwood is the birth place of FDR.


Sara Roosevelt raised his only son in this house.



Inside Springwood home, where FDR’s private collection of books.



Sara Roosevelt


Inside Top Cottage



Beatrix Farrand Garden



At Val-Kill is where Eleanor had her own garden.


Eleanor Roosevelt’s vegetable garden


The shed at Val-Kill



Eleanor’s  living room


The Magnificent Vanderbilt Mansion



Me taking a selfie in the Formal Garden at Vanderbilt.



People enjoying the Formal Garden


hurrah! I just climbed a tree:).


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