What I knew What I Know Now

My internship have been really good sad is almost over, I was just getting to feel fully being part of the crew. I been learning about preservation carpentry, it’s just so different methods to do thing than how I been used to do at school. It’s really a lot of work but if you like doing it you don’t mind. At school all we did was more like commercial stuff like building one house and remodeling a house and here at Saugus is preserving, preserving the historical view of the structures. Tools, some of the tools I use at Saugus and way different to what I’ve used I been able to put some of the stuff I know to what I’m learning and it been really helpful because I don’t have to be asking all the time how to do something. One thing I wish I could do is drive the bobcat that they have, I want to drive things around the site lol.



Timbers going down the highline


On Monday the field team came to my park to visit and check out what I was doing and my experience. I walked them around and gave them a DIEGO tour of the park. I showed them the crew station, the crew members and what was going on in overall, what the HACE crew was doing.



One response to “What I knew What I Know Now

  1. Sounds like a very interesting summer that provided such an interesting comparison and contrast to your school program.


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