Peddock’s Island Vista Clearing Project

This week Me (Rob) and the rest of the field team worked at peddock island are project for the week was to cut trees and prune non-native plates on the hill side of officer Row. Peddocks was a former military base and training camp ready to defend the Boston harbor from evil the military base was mostly  active during the world wars.

When the military base was active there was site of heavy artillery that would defend off battleships and anything else that posed as a threat to the base. The parade grounds were used for training to help solider with formations and other skills that would help them in the battlefield from shooting to survive.

Now Peddocks Island is as camping sight and for its historical tour there are 15 fairy rides to the Island people come to island for hiking and swim there are many hiking trails and prairie cove brings a lot of swimming because of it’s great beach .The first thing we did to start off are projected this week was to cleared unneeded woody vegetation on the hill side of officer row the tools we used to help us with this were the saws and hand saw gloves safety glasses, pruners ,climbing rope.

To cut the dead wood from the trees we used techniques like the face cut and the three out method safe saw method bypass cut method this techniques were used to better take care of the tree without hurting it. The plants that had to be removed were honey suckle, Norway maples, raspberry, multi-flora rose for bushes and strops we used hand pruners and lopper for the vines we used only the loppers.

Here’s a photo recap of our project:


View of the Boston Harbor from Peddock’s Island


Lorre learning how to set tree climbing lines with technical expert, Joe Rocha


The team removing vegetation


Lorre climbing to prune tree limbs


Joe Rocha instructing Bukhari proper climbing technique


Lots of vegetation on this island!


Knot tying for tree climbing


Rob removing vegetation from the hillside


Touring the remains of Fort Andrews on Peddock’s Island


Rob, Liam, and Jonah


Boston skyline view from Peddock’s Island

Thank you to all who helped make this project possible: Deni Sarno-Bucca (DCR), Jamie McGuane (NPS Olmsted Center), and Joe Rocha (NPS Olmsted Center).

-Rob (Boston Field Team member)

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