My Next Steps

The summer is quickly coming to an end as I have only three weeks left of my time in DC. As I wrap up my time here, I begin to look towards the coming academic year at the University of Massachusetts Amherst Stockbridge School of Agriculture to finish up studying Arboriculture/ Urban Forestry. My future hopefully holds many more surprises and wonderful opportunities working with trees and making a positive impact on the environment. I hope to travel Europe and Asia extensively, practicing arboriculture in different climates and societies. I want to learn about and document cultures that are new to me. And of course, I want to continue on with the National Park Service and travel to visit all the parks around America!

Here’s too a long life of trees!

2 responses to “My Next Steps

  1. Andreas, that is quite an exciting list of things to do! I am so pleased that your time in DC has been enjoyable and it sounds like you have had a tremendous experience. I wish you the very best in finsihin up the program at UMass.


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