Have a conversation with someone new! You might have a lot of things in common and even may end up working for them. Networking is one of the ideal way to build your resume and get connected with people professionally. To build a professional network you need to be able to put yourself out there as a young  worker and show them your strong work ethics. There are many landscape professionals that I have met at Roosevelt- Vanderbilt Historical Sites (ROVA) who are able to see how hard I can work and how I have contributed to  maintaining the landscapes. For example, Anne de Cordova and Mike Riegle are the two prime people who I work for at ROVA. In the future I can definitely use them for my reference for jobs I will be applying for and they will be able to tell them what type of work I did for them and for the National Park Service. Even, Anne Symnes, Don Momme, and Dave Hayes are few important names that I have talked too and networked at ROVA who can benefit my future job searching. National Park Service(NPS) ROVA staff such as Steve Merecha I work with mainly, can be a help too who can give reference of my work abilities. Going to Valley Forge National Historical Park and working with professionals like,  Gabrielle Berry and Kate Jensen was important for me because I expanded my network a little more in the National Park Service. The main relationships I have made for two years is with the Olmsted Center for Landscape Preservation who have given me the opportunity for summer internships.Charlie Pepper and Celena Illuzzi will be crucial for my future jobs references. Building a strong network with individuals I have worked with for future benefit is important because they are the people who will give or write positive references that will land me the dream job that I have been looking for. Their references will be the key that will make me standout from all the young people that  will be competing for the same profession  as  me.

One response to “Networking

  1. You’re right, Laxmi. And, when you contact people for references, remind them of the projects and accomplishments that meant a lot to you so that they use specific examples and details when describing your work. This will ensure that the reference reinforces points you want to make in an interview, your cover letter, or include in the resume itself. Good luck with all future pursuits!


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