Tour of my park

I know I should have done this at the beginning of my internship because it was supposed to give information of where I was going to be for the summer but I skipped. As I walked around I did some observation I guessed Saugus was a very active site back then, such much had to been going there being “ birthplace of the iron and steel industry in Colonial America”. From what I learned from the ranger in the park, I learned Saugus Ironwork was the idea of John Winthrop. He thought it was a good idea to make iron because everything made out of iron was coming from England so why not make iron in New England. It was a good site because it has a river water always flowing, a lot of tree used to be around used for charcoal and the way the land was having the water wheel on high land producing power for the equipment. All the raw material was there. They had to import a lot of labors from England because people around the area were mostly farmers and didn’t know about iron making. They produced everything from spoons to nails and shovels. One unique feature is the Estuary on site, serve as nursery for commercial fish species.

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